The Blooming Bath for babies is Now in Target Stores!

Blooming Bath is excited to announce that the Blooming Bath for babies bathtub can now be purchased at Target stores.

That’s right, our adorable, safe and comfortable baby bathtub began “blooming” on Target store shelves in early August. Have you spotted it there yet while shopping for your favorite baby products?

We are ecstatic that the Target buyers hand-picked the Blooming Bath for babies to be featured among its lineup of high-quality baby products. The canary yellow Blooming Bath for babies is for sale for $39.99 in 1,500 different Target locations throughout the United States. You can see if your nearest Target location has it right now by visiting our dealer locator and inputting your address

Along with the exposure that comes with being featured in one of America’s favorite retail stores, the other bit of good news is that the Blooming Bath will now also be included on Target’s Baby Registry. That means expecting moms can register for the Blooming Bath along with all of their other baby product needs. Target’s in-store and online baby registry makes it easy for new parents and for friends and family members who want to find the perfect baby shower gift.

Be sure to check out your local Target store and see the Blooming Bath for babies for yourself! Also available on

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  • Cristina

    Wondering if only the Yellow is being featured in Target Stores? Will the Green one be featured? Other than ordering it online.. Thanks! =) My daughter is the model for the green one.

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