The Blooming Bath - Parent Tested, Parent Approved!

Blooming Bath is proud to be a Parent Tested, Parent Approved Baby Bath Product Winner. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Parent Tested, Parent Approved organization, it is said to be North America's largest parent tester community, a credible third-party resource for parents that boasts more than 60,000 volunteer parent testers.

The Blooming Bath has received the organization's famous, award-winning seal of approval in the baby bath category. PTPA Founder and CEO Sharon Vinderine says the following about the organization's seal:

“Seeing the PTPA Winner's Seal on a product package or website helps consumers identify products that have been tested and recommended by their peers. It's like shopping with your best friend."

We're happy to report that the testers who evaluated the Blooming Bath had great things to say about it providing both a safe and comfortable bathing environment for baby.

Here is just one of the many positive evaluations from PTPA product testers:

"I did find that my son was comfortable when using this product. I felt that the bathing experience was more safe as there was no slipping and sliding around when he was on the Blooming Bath. I think that by having the padded Blooming Bath in the sink also provided a longer warmer bathing experience as the water absorbed into the mat keeping him more comfortable and a little warmer at the same time. He was absolutely happy when using this product, and I plan on using it as long as I possibly can. Hopefully he doesn't grow too quickly!"

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