The Most Popular Olympic Baby Names

The Summer Olympics are set to open next week and we just happened to stumble across a great (and timely) story about the most popular Olympic baby names in history. Since we always love hearing great ideas for baby names, we thought this would be a fun (and patriotic) one to share with the Blooming Bath community.

The story reported a number of surprising and not so surprising facts when it comes to the names of American athletes who have represented our country in past competitions.

While the name Michael has most recently come to dominate Olympic headlines, in total, there have only been about 60 Mikes or Michaels that have competed in the Olympics for the United States.

That number paled in comparison to the number of Johns that have competed in past Olympics. There have been 143 times that there has been a John competing for the United States in the summer games.

Of the male athletes who will represent the United States at this year’s event, the most popular name is Jake/Jacob. There are also a notable number of Nicks, Matthews (Matts) and Ryans who will be representing the United States across a number of different events.

When it comes to women athletes of years past, the most popular name has been some form of Kathryn, Kate or Katie, which tied with Susan/Sue as the most popular. A notable second place was Mary.

When it comes to this year’s female athletes, it seems that the historic trend has held true with seven athletes competing named Kate or Katie and eight women named Sarah (all spelled with the “h” on the end) competing.

So, which are your favorite Olympic baby names? If your baby is due during the Summer Olympics, some obvious choices would be Summer, Zeus or Olympia. But no matter what name you choose for your baby, you can get them ready for the swimming event early by practicing in their Blooming Bath!

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