Want To Get A Blooming Bath For Free? Check Out These Giveaways

If you are anything like us, then you love getting a great deal. And there's no better deal than free. That's why we've partnered with a number of different Mommy Blogs that are giving away the Blooming Bath for Babies bath tub for free!! There are two giveaways going on right now during the month of May, just in time for baby shower season.

The first giveaway is being featured on the Does Mommy Love It blog site and ends May 22. All you have to do to win your very own plush, adorable Blooming Bath baby bath tub is to follow the Does Mommy Love it pinboards and share what you like about the Blooming Bath. The site is also allowing for additional entries by posting the contest to your Facebook wall, subscribing to the Does Mommy Love It? site and leaving a comment, or Tweeting about the contest. Visit the Does Mommy Love It? page to read a full review of the Blooming Bath and for more info about how to win.

A second Blooming Bath giveaway is being featured on the Mom on Dealz site and runs until May 25. To win the Blooming Bath, simply visit the Blooming Bath page and then go back to the Moms on Dealz page and leave a post about what color you would choose if you win. You can also be entered to win their contest by following the Mom on Dealz Facebook page and leaving a comment or signing up for their daily emails. For more information about this giveaway, visit their Blooming Bath review page.

Good Luck!

Happy Girl In Her Blooming Bath Baby Bath

8 thoughts on “Want To Get A Blooming Bath For Free? Check Out These Giveaways”

  • Megan

    i love this bath , i would really like to have one too , im 4 months pregnant .

  • jennifer carrizo
    jennifer carrizo July 23, 2012 at 10:32 am

    this is so adorable and neat! i would love to have one and experiance a new bath time with my baby :)

  • sofia montano

    luv-luv-luv the flower power....how perfect this would be for our baby-to-be!!!! and what a great gift to give all my friends that are mommies-to-be....i can't wait to pimp out this product!!!! i would love one of my own....and appreciate your creativity and functional ability behind this product...

  • Denise

    This is amazingly awesome! Can't wait to get my hands on one =)

  • Megan C

    I just had my 3 child a little boy. He hates HATES to have a bath he screams through the whole thing. He wants to be held all the time which his doctor believes has a lot to do with him being a preemie, and you just can hold them AND bath them. I think that the blooming bath might just be the solution to all our bath time woes. This product would cradle him the way a regular bath sponge can not making him feel safe and secure. I NEED this!

  • julie vanzevern
    julie vanzevern April 5, 2013 at 10:02 am

    I'm a new grandmother (Gogo) and have been wondering how I could bath my precious 3 month old Holland while I care for her. This product looks wonderful. Tried the kitchen sink but worried it really wasn't the safest. Now with 2 grands (infant and 2 yr. old) grandparenting is at a whole other level!

  • Barbara Martin
    Barbara Martin July 8, 2013 at 2:43 pm

    Hello, I am writing to you because I think this product ingenious, a far cry from the old days. I would be so happy to be able to get one of these for my Niece.. She is in the process of adopting a precious baby girl (she is adorable), and we are very close. My niece is a single adopted parent, selfless and loving. I could just see our beautiful baby taking a bath in this Blooming Bath and giggling. Anyway, thank you for listening (I can get carried away sometimes....
    Barbara Martin A proud Aunt.....

  • Maria

    I would love to have this product. I am in my third trimester and would love to see my baby in this beautiful bath product!

  • Lindsey

    I emailed the company about a discount for multiples and was given saver15 for 15% off but after you pay shipping you only save like 2 bucks over buying one from Walmart.com. I was pretty disappointed that they would not offer me a discount better than that for my twins. I have seen deals for new mothers for 40 to 50 off and that would have been awesome but the good ones are always expired when I find them:(

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