Ways To Commemorate Baby's First Christmas


Christmas can be a hectic time of year, planning for family gatherings, shopping for the perfect gifts and making the home holiday ready. But many parents who’ve welcomed a new baby into the family this year will want to go the extra step to make baby’s first Christmas one to remember. Here are just a few things you can do to commemorate your baby’s first Christmas.

Document the Occasion - Whether your preferred media is a scrapbook or a video, one of the absolute best ways to encapsulate the memories of your child’s first Christmas is to document it.

For scrapbookers, a great idea is to adorn the scrapbook with the child’s name and birthday as well as the year of their first Christmas. You can fill the inside with cards and pictures along with notes about what the child received and memories about their first reactions to the holiday. It will be sure to be a treasured for years to come.

For the more technologically advanced, taking digital pictures for a slide show or videotaping and compiling a baby’s first Christmas video is a great way to capture all of the details of baby’s first Christmas.  It will also be fun to watch year after year, long after baby has grown up.

Mark the Season with Bling - Tree bling that is. Many of us still have our own Baby’s First Christmas ornaments that we place lovingly on the tree each year. Buy your baby a personalized baby’s first Christmas ornament that you can hang each year to remember that very first Christmas. Another wonderful tradition is to give your child an ornament every Christmas. When they grow up and move out, pack them up a box of all their Christmas ornaments from throughout the years to hang on their own Christmas tree.

Start Your Own Traditions - One of the reasons Christmas is so meaningful is because we often look back fondly on the Christmas traditions we grew up with. Maybe it was decorating the tree to certain Christmas songs, putting up the Christmas lights on a set day, or reading a Christmas story together by the fire on Christmas Eve. Whatever your family traditions, it’s always a great idea to pass on old traditions and make new family traditions when we welcoming new members of the family.

Whatever you do to commemorate your first Christmas with your little ones, we wish you a very Merry Christmas from all of us here at Blooming Bath!

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