What Color Blooming Bath Should we Make Next?

Blooming Bath wants to hear from you! More specifically, we want to hear what color you think the next Blooming Bath should be. As you likely already know, the Blooming Bath bathtub for babies currently comes in four adorable colors: canary yellow, hot pink, turquoise and ivory.

Lately we’ve been hearing from our biggest fans – YOU – and we've been hearing that you want to see the cutest and most comfortable baby bath come in a wider assortment of colors. We recently put the question on our Facebook Page so you can tell us what color the next Blooming Bath should be.

Purple? Green? Orange? What about camouflage? Visit our Facebook Page now and vote for your favorite, or leave us a comment. Lots of people are already giving us their input, which made us start thinking about colors and what we typically associate with different shades of the rainbow.

Here’s what we came up with –

Purple – Purple is often a color that is associated with luxury and royalty. The color stands for mystery, creativity and emotional balance. It’s also the color used for the Purple Heart award given to soldiers who exemplify bravery.

Some of our favorite purple blooms include: lilacs, violets, lavender and orchids.

Green – While sometimes associated with emotions like envy or jealously, green is more often associated with nature, growth and fertility. It’s also a color that is known to soothe the soul. A lime green color, in particular, signifies freshness.

Some of our favorite green blooms include: Green goddess calla lilies, viburnum and mini hydrangeas.

Orange – Bold orange colors are often thought of as re-energizing, warm and thoughtful. Orange tones are often times associated with the harvest season. Kids are also said to often be attracted to orange.

Some of our favorite orange blooms include: Gerber daisies, birds of paradise and tiger lilies.

Camouflage – While once reserved as a pattern for hunters and military, camouflage has crossed over to the mainstream and can be seen on everything from clothing to household goods. While there are no blooms yet that come in camoflauge, if you vote for it, you may soon see a camo Blooming Bath in stores near you.

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