Would You Let the Internet Pick Your Baby's Name?

Let’s face it, the name your parents give you is sort of a big deal.

Your name plays a part in nearly every aspect of your life. It determines whether you have to go by your first name and the first initial of your last name because so many kids in your class have the same name as you, if you get to buy monogramed keychains and pens from gift shops without having to customize and it can even shape the perception of potential employers when applying for a job.

So it’s pretty surprising when you hear stories like this one featured on The Bump, about a Canadian man who is allowing the Internet to help choose his soon-to-be daughter’s first and middle names.

It seems Stephen McLaughlin has set up a website called namemydaughter.com where he is allowing visitors the opportunity to suggest and vote on the name of his daughter. Luckily, for both his wife and the new baby, he has set a disclaimer that he and his wife will be making the ultimate decision.

That’s especially good news considering that the name currently in the lead (with 109,530 votes) is Cthulhu. Coming next in order next, by number of votes thus received, is: Amelia, Megatron, Charlotte, Olivia and Zelda.

For middle names, the lead thus far has gone to All-Spark (with 65,085). Trailing in second place, by more than 26,000 votes, is Mae. Also in the top five for middle names are Rose, Of-the-Sea and Doge.

Here’s a quick peek at some of the more “interesting” first names from the list:

Streetlamp ! Stormageddon McGlovin InternetJr Worldwideweb Bacon Google Cheeseburger Nintendo Daughter Donut WackyTaco692 Obamaniqua Vampirella Tom Cruise

It will be very interesting to find out what little Cthulhu All-Spark McLaughlin’s name will really be when she arrives in April.


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