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Blooming Baby Seat Insert - Pink

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Blooming Baby Plush Pink Seat Insert


Product Description

Make Life More Fun and Comfortable For Everyone

The Blooming Baby seat insert was inspired by all of the fun things people were doing with their Blooming Baths. We thought, hey some of these were really great ideas, and there should be a product specifically to meet these needs. So the Plush Seat Insert was created...

It works with most chairs and stools with backs to hold your baby upright and secure

We've all been at a restaurant or friend's house and they didn't have a proper high chair for our baby - no problem with the Plush Seat Insert. You can secure your baby into the seat insert and strap it right to the back of just about any old kitchen chair

Great for Securing Your Baby Into a Shopping Cart Seat

This clever Seat Insert works great in shopping car seats and again straps to the back of the seat area to keep your little one propped up and safe. The insert can even be used with a conventional shopping cart insert for double the protection.

High Chairs, Exersaucers and More

Just about any seat that is usually on the big side for younger babies, is a great candidate for the seat insert. It really works well in high chairs, bucket swings, exersaucers, as a changing pad, and more... As our Blooming Bath customers have shown us previously, we can't possibly know all the great uses of this product, but we'll keep you posted on the new ones we hear about as we hear about them.

Baby Weight Range

Blooming Baby recommends this carrier for babies weighing 12-40 lbs. Babies needs to have the neck strength to hold their head up to begin using the Insert and can use it until they don't need it any longer - when they fit into the seats that were once too big.

Easy To Use

We think you will find the simplicity of this Insert is unmatched. We've found that the easiest way to use the Seat Insert is to open it up and lay it flat; lay your baby on the back half; fold the front half up and attach the velcro straps. Then you can pick your baby up and place her in the desired seat.

Comfortable Fabrics

At the heart of the Blooming Baby Seat Insert are advanced fabrics that make it extraordinarily comfortable for baby and easy to use for the parent. The materials were all selected and optimized for:

  • Softness - Your baby will experience the same extreme plushness and softness demonstrated by all Blooming Baby products.
  • Ease of Care - The Plush Baby Seat Insert is super easy to clean, you can simply throw it in your washer and dryer with all of your other laundry - please use low dryer heat for extended product life. You will be amazed at how easy it is to get clean - we were.
  • Quality - We always try to select the highest quality fabrics and components for our products.

Conforms with Safety Specifications

The Booming Baby Seat Insert's components have been tested and certified by third party labs to ensure that they conform with the CPSIA safety requirements for baby products. The Seat Insert does not contain any flame retardants or other toxic components; they are bpa and phthalate free.


More great reasons to Love the Blooming Baby Carrier!

  • Bright Colors to cheer up your day - yellow, Turquoise and Ivory.
  • Uses - highchairs, swings, grocery cart seats, kitchen chairs, exersaucers, and it even doubles as a changing pad
  • Designed to accommodate baby sizes - 12 to 40 lbs.
  • General size - It is about 16" tall x 13" with 2" thick foam panels .
  • Appointed with soft plush fabrics for maximum comfort and construct with strong nylon attachment straps for safety.
  • High back/head support design - supports the back of your baby's head because we know her neck isn't too strong at this stage.
  • Toy strap attachment point - We thought it would be a good idea to give you someplace to attach a strap so that your baby's toy doesn't plummet to the floor, over and over, not to mention a place to attach a pacifier strap.
  • "Adjustability" - The length of the plush covered strap that goes between your baby's legs is adjustable so you can get the front and back panels to sit at just the right height for you baby and seat insert application.
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