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Blooming Bath is a cute, cuddly and convenient way to bathe your baby! Now available in four adorable colors!

Blooming Bath Baby Bath Video

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Blooming Bath - Plush Baby Bath

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  • Blooming Bath - Pink
  • Blooming Bath Green
  • Blooming Bath  - Ivory
  • Blooming Bath - Canary Yellow in Sink
  • Blooming Bath - Turquoise in Sink
  • Blooming Bath sure beats bending over the tub.  Wash baby right in the sink.
  • Blooming Bath Green in sink
  • Blooming Bath  - Ivory
  • Blooming Bath Tricot Mesh Back Dries Fast
  • Blooming Bath High Quality Materials
  • Blooming Bath Very Soft and Plush


Handmade from incredibly soft, cuddly materials, Blooming Bath's petals hug any sink to create an adorable, safe, fun and convenient bath time experience for your most precious possession. Blooming Bath’s plush materials cradle and cushion your baby like no other baby tub can. Forget about those hard plastic baby bath tubs or baby bath seats that are uncomfortable and don't cradle your child during bath time. It’s a unique, easy, hassle-free experience that allows you to enjoy those special moments bathing your infant.

Using and caring for Blooming Bath couldn’t be easier. Push it into your sink and it creates the perfect cushioned cradle to wash your baby. When you're finished, gently squeeze out the excess water and throw it in the dryer for 10 to 15 minutes. Or, if you prefer, just use the hang tag on the back — your Blooming Bath will be dry in no time.

  • Incredibly Soft

    Blooming Bath is Incredibly Soft
  • Safe And Durable

    Blooming Bath is Durable
  • Very Comfortable

    Blooming Bath is Incredibly Comfortable

Customer Reviews


Review by Alexa
My favorite color is definitely the pink! I want one so bad!! (Posted on 7/29/14)

The Best Baby Product Ever

Review by Von
Who ever thought of creating this product was a GENIUS!!! I love it and so does my grand daughter. Bath time is fun, comfortable because of the plush soft fabric and very easy to use. Doesn't take up a lot of space when it's not being used. I just put it back in the plastic bag it came in. Also perfect to take with you when traveling or visiting a family member. Product is worth every penny. (Posted on 11/17/13)

Best thing ever invented

Review by Lou822
I got this for my baby shower and we love it! We had a baby bath but the blooming flower works soooo much better!! We actually put this in the bathtub and when my baby was smaller I just put a towel under his head to prop him up until he was older to where it was ok for him to lay flat more in the water! Great product keep up the good work! (Posted on 2/22/13)

Couldn't believe it!

Review by Stephanie
I was desperate to find something for my son Liam to make bath time better. He hated it! We tried everything. It was always a fight and horrible crying fits. As soon as I placed him in this he cried for maybe 2 seconds, then suddenly stopped. He now just looks at me and smiles. We can now both enjoy bath time. Because it positions him sitting comfortable, it makes it WAY easier to bathe him alone since it keeps him upright and secure. I would recommend this to everyone! (Posted on 1/31/13)

Best shower gift ever!

Review by Christine
Received the blooming bath at my shower and absolutely adore this product. My daughter is 5 months now, and has enjoyed her baths each and every time. The material is soft with plenty of cushion. Excited that this can be used in the tub, as she is almost too long for the sink. (Posted on 1/17/13)

Best Bath Product!!!

Review by Megan
I continue to use this awesome product with my now 5 month old. It makes giving him a bath a breeze! I have used it in the sink and now in the bathtub with him laying on his back. I have recommended Blooming Bath to everyone I know. This is seriously the BEST bath product out there!! (Posted on 1/2/13)

Best bath ever!!!!!!!

Review by Lisa
I bought the yellow for my fourth baby and wish I would have had this for the other three. Its so soft and cushions my entire sink. He always loved bath time. This bath is very durable also. He teethed on it and was thrown in the dryer (first I rung it out real well) after every use and still looks new. Also it made for cute bath time pictures. So pleased with this bath. Soo worth my purchase!! (Posted on 11/26/12)

Loove it!!!

Review by Dani
I just bought this today and used it for the first time and loove it!
I just had my third child and wish I had this before- so soft and cuddly and holds the baby perfectly. This will be my new go to baby gift- love!! (Posted on 11/8/12)

Most Excellent Bathing Product Of All!

Review by From Canada
This product is excellent! I tried it in the bathroom sink & Our 4 months baby was soo comfortable his arm behind his head like at the beach. His was warm and relaxed and seem quite pleased as I was! When I bath him in the sink alone, he is more covered in water but pushes with is feet and nearly bumps his head backwards on the inside edge of the sink so I have to hold him very firmly also for him not to slip- now I don't have this problem because the Bloombath fully covers all edges! Also when I use the full plastic baby support where he sits that goes in a tub or sink, he is steady but most of his body is out of the water and his gets very cold- problem solved with the Bloombath bcz it sinks in a little and all of the babies body is in the water with cusionned support in all sides specifically his backside is all in the water which keeps him warm (he wasn't cold). Aside from this it is a very pretty object! The only thing I suggest is to make the back label longer to be able to hang it dry more easily. Thank you for making such a great product that resolves all the safety and comfort issues one can encounter when bathing our sweet baby :) (Posted on 11/7/12)

Love it but difficult for too small or too large sinks.

Review by Melissa
We really love our Blooming bath. Baby LOOOVES it. My biggest issue is that our sinks in the bathroom aren't huge and the bath takes up too much room so baby is pretty squished. Our kitchen sinks are a very generous size and the bath fits in well but it floats and slides all over the sink. Right now my baby is 2 1/2 months and so he can't sit up on his own, I have to have him held tight or the whole bath slides all over, he can't just be propped like all the pictures. However, we still love it and I think once he can sit on his own it will help. I just really wish there was a solution to the floating and slipping in the bigger sink. (Posted on 10/29/12)


Review by Samantha
Is it machine washable?

Hi Samantha,

The Blooming Bath is machine washable on the gentle cycle.

Blooming Bath Team (Posted on 10/21/12)


Review by Missy
The blooming bath is great. My new born relaxes as soon as he sits on it. It is so soft against him which i love. He loves bath time which means I do to:) (Posted on 10/15/12)


Review by Katelin
awesome product! (Posted on 9/25/12)

My friends love it!

Review by Mandy
I have given it to 3 people for their showers and all of them use it all the time and absolutely love it! definately reccomend it to everyone :) (Posted on 9/24/12)

This is the BEST!

Review by Meg
Love the cute color. So soft and easy to use. Love being able to put in the dryer. (Posted on 9/18/12)


Review by nicole
I love it. My daughter loves it! My only complaint is that she doesn't want to come out. Lol (Posted on 9/14/12)

AMAZING!!!! and ships to APO

Review by stephanie
i love that this product ships to APO for those of us stationed got here in 8 days (faster then anything else i have ever ordered off line) my daughter just LOVES it...and with an upcoming pcs this is going to be easy to pack in our luggage :D i recommend EVERYONE buy 1 (or 2 or more LOL) super easy to wring out...and throw in the dryer :D (Posted on 8/11/12)

SO cute!

Review by Zoë
I haven't used mine yet, as my first is due in three weeks. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! The shipping time was unbelievably fast - took 6 business days to get from California to Ontario - I was so surprised! I bought two (one for my cousin's new baby and one for mine), and they are absolutely adorable and soo soft. I've read only 5 star reviews everywhere, so I know I'll love it. I can't wait to use it! =) (Posted on 8/10/12)

#1 baby shower gift

Review by Clarissa
I always buy this and bring it to a baby shower. No one else knows what it is, but when I explain it to them, they fall in love with it immediately!
Great baby shower gift! (Posted on 8/9/12)

Greatest baby gift I've ever given

Review by Pam
I bought 2 of these for 2 special little babies coming into my family. We had a double baby shower for 2 mothers, one having a boy and the other a girl. Our theme was butterflies and dragonflies. These fit perfect into the decor. I bought pink and blue (of course). Everyone thought that was exactly what they were, just decorations. Much to there surprise and delight when they found out they were baby baths! The baby's are now here and they are enjoying there cozy little blooming baths! Love love love this product! The mommies are loving them too. I hope you got a few sales off of our decor! (Posted on 8/8/12)

love it

Review by crisma
cute love it (Posted on 7/27/12)


Review by BabyBoy205640
Does it fill up with water or does that water need to be running?

Hi BabyBoy,

The Blooming Bath fits into your sink to allow your baby to be comfortable and not touching the sink. It does not hold water.

Blooming Bath (Posted on 6/15/12)

Love it!

Review by Wends
I love the blooming bath. I actually use mine in the hard baby tub that I had. I was scared to give my new baby a bath until a friend bought me the blooming bath. It's so comfy, my son loves to just sit in there and soak! I do have to put mine on rinse and spin in the wash every night because I completely submerse it and it gets too wet to just hang or put in the dryer. It's well worth it though! I can't wait to buy one for all my expectant friends! (Posted on 6/12/12)


Review by Mel
My Baby girl loves it, it's way better than those plastic tub... The colors is great too I have yellow and it's really nice, it washes great too :) ALL YOU NEW MOMMY"S OUT THERE NEEDS THIS BATH!! :0) (Posted on 5/11/12)

Best purchase for baby by far!

Review by DanielleK
The first time we bathed our newborn a couple of weeks ago, it was traumatizing for him AND me. We had one of those regular plastic tubs and it was the worst thing ever. He is so small, it swallowed him whole and he didnt feel snuggled at all. I found the Blooming Bath on Pinterest and showed it to my husband, who agreed that it was worth a try. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Not even a little whimper has been made during bath time since we've been using it. It snuggles him perfectly. He enjoys his bath and we enjoy giving it to him now. Don't hesitate about buying one, it's truly a wonderful product! (Posted on 5/1/12)

Absolutely ADORABLE!!

Review by LyNz4KjB
I first saw the Blooming Bath on FB and I thought, "What a nifty idea!" I kept bugging all of my Aunts, Sister, Sister-in-laws, Mother..... you name it.... to get one for me! My sister got one for my baby shower and it is even better in person than what I thought it would be! I am SO happy that I have and and I cannot wait to use it with my little girl!!! Thanks for such an awesome and well made product! (Posted on 4/17/12)

Life saver!

Review by Cecilia L.
My son absolutely hated bath time. He would cry and scream and I felt horrible the entire time. It got to where I dreaded bath time and hated it as much as he did. My mom emailed me with the link to your website. I am so happy that she did! My son LOVES his Blooming Bath. Bath time is so enjoyable now for both of us. Plus he looks adorable in it! Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!!!! (Posted on 4/13/12)

best baby invention ever

Review by Jen
I bought this as a gift for my new niece and it was so worth it. Mom, dad, and baby love it. It's super soft and so cute. Makes those first bath photos even more priceless. (Posted on 4/12/12)

So perfect!

Review by Mommabones
I bought one of these for my 4th child, having been unhappy with the various baby baths I'd tried with the previous three kids. This has been perfect so far. Soft, warm, absorbent, dries quickly, and SO cute! No more drafty mesh seats or hard plastic tubs in this house! (Posted on 4/4/12)

so much comfy for baby, confidence for momma & daddy, no hard edges, just puffy!

Review by gp's
that was the review A +
(Posted on 3/31/12)

Definately cozy

Review by Kristeneeliza
It's super cute ! I was so excited when I found it online , I never liked the hard plastic tubs . My daughter is two months old now and the only thing I wish was different about the blooming bath would be having suction cups on the bottom , it tends to float and shift too much but other than that it works great. (Posted on 3/28/12)


Review by Naomi
My little guy kicks and hates plastic tubs, this is such a great idea, why didn't anyone think of this sooner?! Its a definite must have for babies =) (Posted on 3/24/12)

Baby boy enjoyed it!

Review by BABYBOY112211
I received it Tuesday and finally used it las night. My LO loved it! He layed comfortably and didn't cry during his bath time. It fit great in my regular shallow kitchen sink. Other bathing cushion were very bulky and don't support his neck at all ... but blooming bath baby did. Its a great buy so far. (Posted on 3/23/12)

Can't wait to use!

Review by MamaJDM
I purchased this item in turquoise after seeing a review on a parenting site. It arrived today, earlier than expected, and is VERY soft and looks and feels like our son will definitely enjoy taking a bath in this vs the other plastic options on the market. We're very happy to have found this product, and are planning on also purchasing in yellow, as well as a pink one for a friend of ours pregnant with a girl! The only thing I will mention (which is not a big deal at all) was that the turquoise color matched the zoomed in photo more so than the other photos, it is much lighter than the other photos of this shade, which isn't a big deal to us. Had hoped it matched the other photos with the darker blue, but the lighter shade is still very pretty and not a con in any way. Can't wait to use this when our son arrives in June! :) Will definitely be recommending this to all of our pregnant friends! (Posted on 3/7/12)

best thing since disposable diapers!!

Review by betty
My friend found this online and told me about it! I had already bought a regular plastic one but I realized baby will be so much cozier in this!! Definatly worth the money. I had triplets so its so much easier to keep them all calm and quiet in this (not at the Same time though) all in all a fabulous product.(: (Posted on 2/26/12)

I love this so much.

Review by Alexis
My mom's friend told her about this and as soon as I saw it i knew it was perfect for my baby. I know I got awhile, but i can't wait to have one! (Posted on 2/19/12)

Super soft So cute!! way better in person

Review by Ashley m.
found this online on Printerest Posted in on my facebook saying i wanted this so bad because i thought it was a great idea!! received it from my sister inlaws at my baby shower and cant wait to use it after i have my baby!! so worth the money and i haven't even used it yet! (Posted on 2/6/12)

Unbelievable cute

Review by Tom
My wife saw this and had to have it for our new baby (Posted on 1/26/12)

In love!

Review by Brandi
Wow, I absolutely love this. I will definitely be getting one before my baby arrives. This is probably the best idea I have seen in a very long while! (Posted on 1/22/12)

TWO uses!

Review by Hilly
Well...I don't know whether to put the baby in it to bathe...or hang it on the nursery is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
I think it should come in MORE colors too...lavender, orange, red.... (Posted on 1/19/12)

love it!!!!!!!!!

Review by DEE
I just bought the yellow blooming bath for my new grandson! My daughter-in-law LOVES it! it cradles him just so gently in the SOFTEST minky material...suddenly he doesn't cry in his bath anymore! (Posted on 1/19/12)


Review by MOrmaza
I Love this concept and look foward to using it!!! (Posted on 11/17/11)

Great product

Review by Linda
It works as well as it is cute, and this rarely happens these days. No complaints at all - my husband and I won't use anything else anymore for bathing our son. Thanks! (Posted on 11/17/11)

better than I expected

Review by Deb
Just tried Blooming Bath for the first time with my little cool. We love it. He loves it. Thank you. (Posted on 10/15/11)

definetly getting one!

Review by Ashley
I love this!! Def getting one for my daughter before she arrives! (Posted on 10/12/11)

unique and stunning

Review by Emily
Functional and STUNNING. I first bought one for a baby shower gift then ended up buying another one for myself. I couldn't wait to take pictures of my little angel bathing in a bright yellow sun flower! (Posted on 9/8/11)

great baby gift

Review by Liesl
This was a huge hit at my best friend's baby shower! (Posted on 8/29/11)

My baby loves this

Review by Matthew
We have a baby bath tub but we don't use it anymore because our daughter loves this so much. It's fun for her and for us, too! (Posted on 8/25/11)

Super cute, fun and easy

Review by Brandi
A friend recommended I check out the site and wow! Blooming bath is awesome. It fits my kitchen and bathroom sink, it's easy to use and sooooo cute. Love it! (Posted on 8/17/11)

Blooming Bath Baby Bath Video

Blooming Bath Baby Bath In Action

Blooming Bath Baby Bath In Store Video


What are the dimensions of the Blooming Bath?
The Blooming Bath baby bath is 32 inches from tip to tip. The center of the flower, where baby's bottom rests, is 10 inches across in diameter.
What is the recommended age for the Blooming Bath?
The Blooming Bath is ideal for newborns to 6 months. But because babies range so dramatically in size, there are no set age or weight limitations. The Blooming Bath is held up by the sides of the sink so it is more a matter of whether or not your sink can comfortably and safely accommodate your baby. Many parents also use Blooming Bath with traditional plastic tubs to create a plush, soft, safe and fun experience.
Does the Blooming Bath hold water?
The Blooming Bath does not hold water. You will need to first insert the stopper inside the drain, then fill up the sink to the desired level and desired temperature before inserting baby. Never run water directly on your baby as water temperature can change quickly.
What materials are the Blooming Bath made with?
Blooming Bath is made from a super soft, plush polyester material on the top, the center is a high quality polypropylene foam and the back is made from a durable polyester mesh back.
Are there any retail stores where I can go to purchase the Blooming Bath?
The Blooming Bath is available exclusively through our website,
Is the Blooming Bath available in my country?
Currently sell through our website and do ship internationally but we are looking into international distributors around the world. If you are interested in becoming an international distributor or would like to recommend one, please contact us at
Why is international shipping so expensive?
We only ship via FedEx International to ensure your package arrives quickly and safely. FedEx charges a dimensional weight on all international orders, so the cost is based on the size of the box. Please understand that we do not make any profit from shipping charges. We simply pass on the cost to the customer.
Where is the Blooming Bath manufactured?
Currently the Blooming Bath is manufactured in Mexico. We would love to manufacture in the US and are actively looking for a cost effective option so if you have any recommendations, please contact us at
Can I include a gift message with my order?
We would be happy to create a hand written note and put in with your order. Once you place your order, please email us at right away with the gift message that you would like to include. We will do our best to make sure the message is included inside the order before it ships. Please note that orders are packaged fairly quickly once the order is placed, so we cannot guarantee your message will be included. In most instances, however, we can accommodate your request!
I am shipping the Blooming Bath as a gift. Will the recipient see the price of the Blooming Bath?
We never include price of the Blooming Bath inside the box. Your email receipt is the only place you will see prices.
How long will it take for my Blooming Bath to ship and be delivered?
We try to process all orders placed before 1PM on the same day Monday - Friday. Customers typically receive their order in 2-3 business days once the item is shipped. Standard orders as are shipped Priority Mail via U.S. Postal Service. We do offer expedited shipping options via FedEx at checkout.
Can I be a wholesaler or retailer for Blooming Bath and if so, who do I contact?
Due to the overwhelming response, we are currently devoting all of our inventory to our website. We are in the process of expanding our manufacturing capabilities so if you are interested in selling Blooming Baths in the future, please email us your contact info and we will keep your name and information on file. You will be contacted just as soon as we are ready to offer our product for wholesale distribution.

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