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Plush Baby Bath


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Why You'll Love the Blooming Bath Poppy:

Refined Poppy Design

The Blooming Bath Poppy has a new design and is a great alternative to our Blooming Bath Lotus. The main differences between the Lotus and the poppy are (1) the Poppy uses a stiffer foam that is half as thick as the Lotus and Original Blooming Bath, (2) The bottom fabric has traction dots so it stays put in the sink, and (3) The petals are webbed so that they stay in place for good safe sink coverage. The Poppy incorporates the same soft and plush fabric used on the Original Blooming Bath and the Blooming Bath Lotus Baths that keeps your baby warm and comfortable, for a fun and enjoyable bath time.

Each Poppy is designed with a brown center and our signature colors, yellow or seafoam for the petals that make for a simple, clean design.

Blooming Bath Poppy traction dots view

Why You'll Love the Super Soft Hooded Towel with Rattle:

Surround your baby in ultra cuteness with these oversized plush Blooming Baby hooded towels. Your little ones are guaranteed to love the bright colored bee and ladybug rattle. The special designed shape perfectly swaddles your little ones.

This makes the perfect baby shower gift (oohs and ahs guaranteed) and is a great addition to our Blooming Bath Lotus. It is incredibly soft and gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. This item is likely to become an integral part of your baby's bath time routine.

Once bath time is over simply throw your hooded towel in the washer and dryer on a gentle cycle.

The bee & ladybug towel measure 36" x 27.5"

Super Soft Hooded Towel
What are the dimensions of the Blooming Bath?
The Blooming Bath baby bath is 33 inches from tip to tip. The center of the flower, where baby's bottom rests, is 10 inches across in diameter.
What is the recommended age for the Blooming Bath?
The Blooming Bath is ideal for newborns to 6 months. But because babies range so dramatically in size, there are no set age or weight limitations. The Blooming Bath is held up by the sides of the sink so it is more a matter of whether or not your sink can comfortably and safely accommodate your baby. Many parents also use Blooming Bath with traditional plastic tubs to create a plush, soft, safe and fun experience.
Does the Blooming Bath hold water?
The Blooming Bath does not hold water. You will need to first insert the stopper inside the drain, then fill up the sink to the desired level and desired temperature before inserting baby. Never run water directly on your baby as water temperature can change quickly.
What materials are the Blooming Bath made with?
Blooming Bath is made from a super soft, plush polyester material on the top, the center is a high quality polyurethane foam and the back is made from a durable polyester mesh back.
Can I include a gift message with my order?
Yes! There is a gift message option on the final checkout page.
I am shipping the Blooming Bath as a gift. Will the recipient see the price of the Blooming Bath?
We never include price of the Blooming Bath inside the box. Your email receipt is the only place you will see prices.
How long will it take for my Blooming Bath to ship and be delivered?
Orders are processed within 1 business day. You have a choice of shipping options on the checkout page.
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