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Making Bathtime Fun

Everything you’ve come to love about the Blooming Bath for babies can now be found in its descendant, the Mini Bloom Scrubbie. Softness? Check. Comfort? Check. Absolute adorableness? Double check. Getting your little ones clean has never been so easy, or so fun.


Product Description

Our Mini Bloom Scrubbie is the miniature version of its predecessor, The Blooming Bath for babies. Kind of like your new baby is a mini version of you! We’ve kept all of the great characteristics of The Blooming Bath -- same super soft, baby-safe plush materials, same lively colors. The only thing we’ve added is a comfy elastic band on the back for ideal handling. The Mini Bloom is the adorable way to bathe baby that brings fun and giggles to all.

Mini Bloom Scrubbies make the perfect baby shower gift (oohs and ahs guaranteed). Incredibly soft and gentle enough to clean baby’s sensitive skin, this item is likely to become an integral part of your baby bathing routine and can be used again and again as baby grows from newborn, to infant, to toddler.

The Mini Scrubbie is available in three colors: Canary, Hot Pink and Turquoise.

Once bath time is over, caring for your Mini Bloom Scrubbie is a cinch. Just squeeze out excess water and place in the dryer for 10-15 minutes, or hang dry using the elastic band on the back.

The Mini Bloom Scrubbie measures 8 inches in diameter.

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Cute! Fun!
MerDozier August 24, 2016
This Mini Bloom Scrubbie™ is undeniably adorable! And the fact that you can get it to match or compliment your Blooming Bath makes it an [Almost] necessity. The description says: Comfort, Softness, Absolute Adorableness – check, Check, CHECK! They are right it does have all of these in spades, and the price makes it also [Almost] to affordable to pass up.
The Scrubbie:
The Scrubbie is almost a carbon copy of the Blooming Bath, it has the exact same design and feel. The colorful topside is exactly like the BB with super-soft, colorful velour and a Minkee-Dot center. – I really have to commend Blooming Bath for the attention to detail that never falters. – The underside of the Scrubbie is different from the BB (which has a more nylon’ey material) this feels like 100% cotton, It has the Blooming Bath™ Logo and a stretchy, elastic, cotton-covered, hand strap, so that you can slip your hand into place and wash your little one more easily. It is also padded, just like the BB, making it very soft and able to hold water. The Scrubbie, like the BB held up excellently in the washer and the dryer; no softness was lost, when dried on a medium heat setting along with a regular laundry load. The design of the petals is exactly that of the BB, therein lies its, potential, Achilles Heel. Just as the BB has individual separate petals so does the Scrubbie. I found that this caused the petals to end to flop around a bit too much. I think if the petals were stitched together a bit more up the base of the petal, leaving foldable flexibility in the last third to quarter of the petal, the design would be better served.
Best Uses:
Like many of the Blooming Bath™ products, there can be multiple uses, which span far and wide outside of their original intention. I think the Scrubbie would be excellent as a washer for a slightly older child to use in the bath and as a bath toy. This being said, it’s not bad washer at all... Simply the floppiness made it a little difficult to be Optimally effective. It is also good for washing heads, its droop’ability causes it to fold down over the child’s head and makes soaping a breeze. It also hold its water well so I don’t feel that it would cause too much water to run into the child’s eyes. It also would make a great “Lovey” item. With the softness and the color and the handle, it can be anchored to things like a highchair, crib or stroller.
Adorable! Whimsical! Interesting! Personally, the design, which may make it work perfectly for some, made it a little tricky for me, as a bath washer. But since it is so wash/dryable, cute, fun and affordable, I still give it 5 Stars and while, honestly it will be removed from bath-time, until my son is older. I will be making other appearances in our home!!!

I hope this LENGTHY review does not confuse anyone and help shed some light. Everyone wants to get good products for their money and the best for their precious baby. This is a great product by a great company.

*Disclaimer* Blooming Bath provided me this product in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions, are real-world tested, and my own.

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