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Plush Hooded Towel


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Plush and Ultra Absorbent Hooded Towel

Surround your baby in adorable softness both in and out of the tub with our newest product, the Blooming Baby Hooded Towel. It’s a towel. It’s a robe. It’s a flower. Whatever you call it, it’s sure to be the superhero among your child’s bathing accessories; one that will be used for years to come.


Product Description

High-end Microfiber

As functional as it is adorable, the body of this towel consists of an ultra-absorbent microfiber fabric designed to wick the water off your little one in no time. We chose the same advanced material used in premium quick-dry hair towels, because we know that at this age, those wiggle worms don’t stay still for long. That means you’ve got a dry, warm and happy baby faster than you can say bloom.

Fair warning: since this product scored off the charts on the cuteness scale, we suspect that it won’t be hanging around on the bathroom hook for long. We’re guessing that you’ll soon see them sprouting up at pools, beaches and pretty much everywhere kids are getting wet.

Blooming Baby Plush Hooded Microfiber Kid's Towel

Super absorbent, yet gentle on skin

You want to dry your little one fast, but you don’t want to irritate their skin. Our microfiber is ultra premium and luxurious, so you get the best of both worlds – super absorbent fabric that’s soft and gentle on sensitive skin.

Perfect for snuggling after a warm bath or a day at the beach, it also doubles up as a cozy and comfy blanket!

The Blooming Baby Hooded Towel is recommended for children 0 months to 7 years old and measures 45 inches wide by 30 inches tall. That’s a lot of ultra-absorbent plushness!

Blooming Baby Plush Hooded Microfiber Kid's Towel

Elastic Hood

Parents love the extra coverage that the hood provides. Kids like that they’re a super hero wielding a cape. Flower Power! Either way, everyone’s happy.

Blooming Baby Plush Hooded Towel - Hood Detail

Hand Wrap Pockets

Your little ones can hold their towel in place and wrap themselves in snuggly goodness with the hand wrap pockets. In fact, these pockets are so handy that several adults we know wrap themselves up when the air conditioning turns their office into a refrigerator.

Blooming Baby Plush Hooded Towel - Hand Wrap Pockets

3 Bright Colors

Now comes the tough part. How do you choose between our three bright and vivid colors? Our plush hooded towels come in turquoise blue, pink and canary yellow. It’s hard to pick a favorite!

The Blooming Baby Plush Hooded Towel is easy to care for. It's machine washable and dryer safe.


Blooming Baby Plush Hooded Microfiber Kid's Towel - 3 Colors
  • Colors: Yellow, Turquoise or Hot Pink
  • Materials: 80% Polyester, 20% Aramid for maximum absorbency.
  • Hood: Fitted hood with microfiber lining, elastic front.
  • Measurements: 45 inches wide by 30 inches tall
  • Machine wash and dry
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    3 Reviews "Plush Hooded Towel"

    Basically our FAVORITE
    babybums February 6, 2017
    So does anyone else have issues with making a bath towel last? Like please explain why they get so hard, and not soft and eventually develop a musty smell even when you double up on the laundry fabric softeners. Recently I came across Blooming Baby’s Plush Hooded Bath Towel. I don’t think I will ever buy another bath towel again. I honestly may even order myself the pink one. I mean lets be honest, I would make a cute flower! Not only is the towel functional, but its super adorable as well and is made from ultra-absorbent microfiber fabric designed to wick off that bath water in no time. The microfiber is ultra premium and makes this towel super adsorbent.. .seriously, I’ve never had Charlie dried off after a bath so fast. It even has an elastic hood and hand wrap pockets. Not only will you find us using these after a bath and shower, but you can find us at swim lessons, pool parties, and even the beach with these as well!
    MerDozier August 24, 2016
    I have written one review, but wanted to expand my review, now that I have used the towel a few more times!! The description says, plush and absorbent, and it is BOTH!! This towel is amazing,
    The Towel:
    The entire underside of the towel is an absorbent microfiber, which makes it feel more like a blanket, than like a traditional towel. There are little, hand-pockets on the outer corners of the towel that kids can put their hands into, and hold the towel wrapped around themselves. The towel is brimming with little details like this. The Hood of the towel (colorful flower part) has an elastic ruching that helps to hold its shape when the towel is on your little one’s head. It’s quite roomy, so it might be a little big for small babies, but with this structuring, it helps the towel to not collapse and droop over the child head – LET’S AVOID TEARS SHALL WE!!!  The soft Velour is only on the top-side of the towel (hood and down the back) but the microfiber is very soft and absorbs so well, that I think it’s a better design. The towel is essentially shaped like a Manta Ray, with an extra piece for the hood. This allows the towel to be well wrapped around even a large toddler, and eliminates the swaddling effect (automatically). To clarify, for toddlers and up, who want more movability, this is a great towel that provides warm wrap’ability and yet is still spacious. For smaller [babies] such as I have it’s very easy to pull the “corner like” ends around my son to wrap him up tight after the bath. The design and material of the towel make it VERY dryable. I hang it up every night and by morning it is dry.
    Best Uses:
    Without a doubt it is the best towel for a Toddler and Small child, whether or not it’s best for a newborn/infant, I suppose, mainly depends on how a person buys their baby products... If you are a one-and-done minimalist, and like to use multipurpose products that grow with your child, then this is a great towel for you! It has all the softness and durability and quality, which I would use on my infant baby. The only caution that I could say, is that it is BIG, so if you are a person that buys product more in stages, I, personally, think this might be best for a baby around 4 mos. and up. That caveat being mentioned, this is a great towel to take to the Pool or the Beach. The materials look as though they would not trap sand as much as the traditional hook-thread material of common towels. Harkening back to the little hand pockets in the bottom “corners” of the towel, its makes it the perfect snuggle item to dry off and warm up when the child exits the water.
    Awesome towel, really no downsides from my standpoint. The only things of note, which could be positive/negative, depending on your child’s age, size, etc.
    -Towel is LARGE, so keep that in mind for tiny babies.
    -Towel hood has a stretchy, elastic ruching the keep the hood from collapsing, this is different from most baby towels that is just a triangular pocket that hangs on the baby/child’s head. This detailing balloons the hood slightly creating an open space that doesn’t completely conform to a small head... Think like a hood on a Parka jacket. Unlike the Parka; however, it doesn’t flop off. It is able to remain in place because of the elastic... There is simply more open space inside the hood. For me, this is a good thing, because my 10 month old is in the throes of what I call Accessory Refusal Phase, and he rips off most hats, scarfs etc. He will keep this hood on!!
    I hope this LENGTHY review does not confuse anyone and help shed some light. Everyone wants to get good products for their money and the best for their precious baby. This is a great product by a great company.

    *Disclaimer* Blooming Bath provided me this product in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions, are real-world tested, and my own.
    Mer Dozier August 19, 2016
    This is one AWESOME towel! It is quite large, which is fantastic for larger Babies and Toddlers, so they can be completely wrapped up in it. It first comes in a very durable, plastic packaging that is very attractive and is sturdy enough to keep the integrity of the products in tact.

    The Towel:
    The towel is comprise into two [parts]. There is the Velour(esque) Flower Head-Part, and the Cotton Body-Part. I wasn't sure, at first if the whole towel would be made out the velour material that the Blooming Bath is made of - IT'S NOT. At first I was disappointed, but honestly the cotton 'body' of the towel is so absorbent and soft that it wasn't a detractor at all. As you can see in the picture, the part of the towel that has the flower detailing and the colored trim around the towel is velour, including the underside of the head-part. The rest of the towel is a flat (not typical towel material) cotton that is very soft; it absorbs well and drys well.
    Size - its large enough to wrap both sides around my 20 lbs 10 month old.
    Look - It's attractive for both boys and girls and looks quite cheery hanging in my bathroom.
    Durability - I'm not sure if it Pre-Shrunk or not, but I washed it and dried it in the Dryer, before use and it came out perfectly.
    Materials - I have had other "Baby Towels" that have shrunk and pilled - typically Terry Cloth style. OR have had to use TONS of fabric softener to make a traditional-style-towel soft for my baby, and then I am left with a towel that does not absorb. This towel remedies both of those issue!
    None (I am quite happy with it!)
    This is fantastic and I would highly recommend, and the customer service of the BB company is AMAZING. I have also reviewed the Blooming Scrub (yellow) and the Blooming Bath (yellow) (MerDozier)

    Blooming Bath supplied me with the Blooming Towel, free of charge for my complete, and honest review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in anyway by the company or its employees.*

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