About Us

It’s amazing what opportunities bloom to life when you least expect it. Sometimes it takes the ending of one dream to realize a new one.

That’s exactly how the Blooming Bath grew from the tiniest seed of an idea, into a full- fledged blossom, quite literally.

Blooming Bath Co-Founder Eric Devericks always wanted to be a cartoonist. As a boy he was always drawing and creating. Then, he grew up and it happened. He landed his dream job as the editorial cartoonist for the Seattle Times.

Life was good. But then, the recession hit and like so many others out there, he was laid off. And left to wonder, what now?

The father of three was at his lowest point. How would he provide for his family?

Good friends convinced him to trade the rain-drenched Northwest for sun-soaked California to try his artistic hand a new venture designing innovate products for companies.

It was then, during some down time, that Devericks doodled up a brand new idea — a better baby bath.

What could be more fun, and more adorable, than a baby bathing in a flower?

"When you can take a problem like that and solve it in a way that has moms and babies smiling, it’s great," Devericks said.

Despite having only just recently launched Blooming Bath, orders are pouring in. Moms, grandmas and aunts have taken notice and are excited to have found a new, adorable way to enjoy bathing their babies.

"It works fantastically," said Sarah Halstead, whose son, Carsyn, is a big fan of his new, comfy bath pillow. "We’ve been using it in the sink and we’ve also been using it inside a regular tub. It gives him some extra cushion so that he’s not flailing around."

As Devericks says, "Sometimes you just have to dream another dream."