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Our signature product, the Blooming Bath for babies, is beloved by parents and babies around the world. Why would anyone want to bathe their baby in a hard plastic tub when they could surround their little one in the cuddly softness of an adorable plush flower?

Parent Tested Parent Approved Winner
Winner of the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award! PTPA is the largest parent-testing community and seal of approval recognized worldwide.

Product Description

Handmade from the softest polyester plush materials we could find, the Blooming Bath’s petals conform to any sink to cradle and protect baby for a safe, comfortable and fun bathing experience. Babies aren’t the only ones delighted by the Blooming Bath. Grown ups also enjoy a more comfortable and worry-free bath time with baby. No more kneeling at the edge of the tub or nervously juggling a slippery baby. The Blooming Bath makes bath time adorably fun for everyone.

Winner of the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, the Blooming Bath for babies comes in four colors: Canary, Hot Pink, Turquoise, Green and Ivory. The Blooming Bath is recommended for newborns and babies up to one year. However, The Blooming Bath has been known to be a comfy companion for infants who are transitioning to the grown up bathtub as well.

Once bath time is over, caring for your Blooming Bath is a cinch. Just squeeze out excess water and place in the dryer for 10-15 minutes, or hang dry using the hangtag on the back.

The Blooming Bath for babies measures 32 inches tip-to-tip. The center of the flower is 10 inches in diameter.

What are the dimensions of the Blooming Bath?
The Blooming Bath baby bath is 32 inches from tip to tip. The center of the flower, where baby's bottom rests, is 10 inches across in diameter.
What is the recommended age for the Blooming Bath?
The Blooming Bath is ideal for newborns to 6 months. But because babies range so dramatically in size, there are no set age or weight limitations. The Blooming Bath is held up by the sides of the sink so it is more a matter of whether or not your sink can comfortably and safely accommodate your baby. Many parents also use Blooming Bath with traditional plastic tubs to create a plush, soft, safe and fun experience.
Does the Blooming Bath hold water?
The Blooming Bath does not hold water. You will need to first insert the stopper inside the drain, then fill up the sink to the desired level and desired temperature before inserting baby. Never run water directly on your baby as water temperature can change quickly.
What materials are the Blooming Bath made with?
Blooming Bath is made from a super soft, plush polyester material on the top, the center is a high quality polyurethane foam and the back is made from a durable polyester mesh back.
Are there any retail stores where I can go to purchase the Blooming Bath?
Yes, we many retailers including buybuyBaby stores,, plus over 100 boutique retailers in the USA alone! Please visit our dealer locator to find a store near you
Is the Blooming Bath available in my country?
We ship to many countries through our website. Plus, we have dozens of international distributors. Please check our dealer locator or email for assistance.
Why is international shipping so expensive?
The Blooming Bath is a large box. You have the option of choosing USPS International or Fedex Economy International. FedEx charges a dimensional weight on all international orders, so the cost is based on the size of the box. Please understand that we do not make any profit from shipping charges. We simply pass on the cost to the customer.
Where is the Blooming Bath manufactured?
Currently the Blooming Bath is manufactured in China. We would love to manufacture in the US and are actively looking for a cost effective option so if you have any recommendations, please contact us at
Can I include a gift message with my order?
Yes! On the checkout page please check the "add gift message" box and fill out the text. Your gift note will be printed our and included in the package.
I am shipping the Blooming Bath as a gift. Will the recipient see the price of the Blooming Bath?
We never include price of the Blooming Bath inside the box. Your email receipt is the only place you will see prices.
How long will it take for my Blooming Bath to ship and be delivered?
We try to process all orders placed before 1PM on the same day Monday - Friday. Customers typically receive their order in 2-3 business days once the item is shipped. Standard orders as are shipped Priority Mail via U.S. Postal Service. We do offer expedited shipping options via FedEx at checkout.
Can I be a wholesaler or retailer for Blooming Bath and if so, who do I contact?
Yes! If you own a brick and mortar store please email

Customer Reviews

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Alexa July 29, 2014
My favorite color is definitely the pink! I want one so bad!!
The Best Baby Product Ever
Von November 17, 2013
Who ever thought of creating this product was a GENIUS!!! I love it and so does my grand daughter. Bath time is fun, comfortable because of the plush soft fabric and very easy to use. Doesn't take up a lot of space when it's not being used. I just put it back in the plastic bag it came in. Also perfect to take with you when traveling or visiting a family member. Product is worth every penny.
Best thing ever invented
Lou822 February 22, 2013
I got this for my baby shower and we love it! We had a baby bath but the blooming flower works soooo much better!! We actually put this in the bathtub and when my baby was smaller I just put a towel under his head to prop him up until he was older to where it was ok for him to lay flat more in the water! Great product keep up the good work!
Couldn't believe it!
Stephanie January 31, 2013
I was desperate to find something for my son Liam to make bath time better. He hated it! We tried everything. It was always a fight and horrible crying fits. As soon as I placed him in this he cried for maybe 2 seconds, then suddenly stopped. He now just looks at me and smiles. We can now both enjoy bath time. Because it positions him sitting comfortable, it makes it WAY easier to bathe him alone since it keeps him upright and secure. I would recommend this to everyone!
Best shower gift ever!
Christine January 17, 2013
Received the blooming bath at my shower and absolutely adore this product. My daughter is 5 months now, and has enjoyed her baths each and every time. The material is soft with plenty of cushion. Excited that this can be used in the tub, as she is almost too long for the sink.
Best Bath Product!!!
Megan January 2, 2013
I continue to use this awesome product with my now 5 month old. It makes giving him a bath a breeze! I have used it in the sink and now in the bathtub with him laying on his back. I have recommended Blooming Bath to everyone I know. This is seriously the BEST bath product out there!!
Best bath ever!!!!!!!
Lisa November 26, 2012
I bought the yellow for my fourth baby and wish I would have had this for the other three. Its so soft and cushions my entire sink. He always loved bath time. This bath is very durable also. He teethed on it and was thrown in the dryer (first I rung it out real well) after every use and still looks new. Also it made for cute bath time pictures. So pleased with this bath. Soo worth my purchase!!
Loove it!!!
Dani November 8, 2012
I just bought this today and used it for the first time and loove it!
I just had my third child and wish I had this before- so soft and cuddly and holds the baby perfectly. This will be my new go to baby gift- love!!
Most Excellent Bathing Product Of All!
From Canada November 7, 2012
This product is excellent! I tried it in the bathroom sink & Our 4 months baby was soo comfortable his arm behind his head like at the beach. His was warm and relaxed and seem quite pleased as I was! When I bath him in the sink alone, he is more covered in water but pushes with is feet and nearly bumps his head backwards on the inside edge of the sink so I have to hold him very firmly also for him not to slip- now I don't have this problem because the Bloombath fully covers all edges! Also when I use the full plastic baby support where he sits that goes in a tub or sink, he is steady but most of his body is out of the water and his gets very cold- problem solved with the Bloombath bcz it sinks in a little and all of the babies body is in the water with cusionned support in all sides specifically his backside is all in the water which keeps him warm (he wasn't cold). Aside from this it is a very pretty object! The only thing I suggest is to make the back label longer to be able to hang it dry more easily. Thank you for making such a great product that resolves all the safety and comfort issues one can encounter when bathing our sweet baby :)
Love it but difficult for too small or too large sinks.
Melissa October 29, 2012
We really love our Blooming bath. Baby LOOOVES it. My biggest issue is that our sinks in the bathroom aren't huge and the bath takes up too much room so baby is pretty squished. Our kitchen sinks are a very generous size and the bath fits in well but it floats and slides all over the sink. Right now my baby is 2 1/2 months and so he can't sit up on his own, I have to have him held tight or the whole bath slides all over, he can't just be propped like all the pictures. However, we still love it and I think once he can sit on his own it will help. I just really wish there was a solution to the floating and slipping in the bigger sink.

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