What Blooming Bath Families are saying...

PTPA Award Wining Product

We absolutely love the Blooming Bath! Not only is it ridiculously cute to see our daughter sitting in a giant flower for bath time, it is also so very comfortable for her. The Blooming Bath can be used in virtually any sink and also works great in a baby bath tub so babies of all ages would love it! When we bath our daughter in the Blooming Bath she is so happy and stays in the bath for much longer than she would have before we had it. We love how soft it is and how in cradles her so she's super safe. We would recommend the Blooming Bath to anyone! Love it!


Love this new way to bathe your babe!


"Blooming Bath is the cutest product, making bath time safe, fun and photo ready! Once baby grows out of the product, lots of great ways to continue to use!"


I've had a horrendous recovery due to a bad epidural so my back has been very touchy. I can't tell you how wonderful it is that I don't have to bed over a bath tub, juggle a slippery baby, and keep his eager brothers away from him. Plus, it's so comfortable for the baby too! I just always keep my hand on his back so I have no worries about drowning. Thankfully the flower petals support him wonderfully. I normally pop my flower into the washer on spin cycle and then put it in the dryer on low. It's FABULOUS!!! I just LOVE this product!

This has truly turned into a must have! I'm telling ALL my momma friends about it too!

Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

It is the perfect solution for squirmy babies and sink baths.


So. Flippin. Cute. I mean, who doesn’t want to bathe their baby in a sunflower?


To put it simply: I'm so happy to have a Blooming Bath!


This is the perfect baby shower gift for the mom who has everything.


I have used it in our kitchen sink, which I love because I am standing up and it is easier on my back.


I swear this is the cutest baby bath on the market!


Wouldn’t you be excited if you received this adorably packaged gift at your baby shower?

Julie, mother of three

My infant has two very enthusiastic older siblings, so a plastic bath perched on the sink was not an option. My four-year-old daughter helped me pick out the Blooming Bath — and it is adorable. I was very impressed by how well it supports my baby’s back and neck. It was stable and well-cushioned, and so my two older kids can now safely help out with bathing their baby sister.

Linda, grandmother of 12

I love the Blooming Bath! It is incredibly soft and fits perfectly into my sink. I have arthritic knees that made tub bathing very difficult. I was able to use both hands to wash my grandbaby, and she stayed stayed relaxed and happy. I am going to order another one for the next grandbaby.

Lisa, mother of two

I love the Blooming Bath! It works great and it’s easy to use and clean. I’ve given one to each of my nieces and nephews and it also makes a great cuddly keepsake to help them remember who their favorite aunt is!

Elisa, mother of two

What a unique baby gift!  We love taking pictures of our newborn in the Blooming Bath.  The flower was adorable and soft.

Nate, father of five

Bath time has always been a chore I tried to avoid, but the Blooming Bath provides a comfortable, stable and safe way to bathe my little ones — and it didn't feel like a juggling act trying to hold on to a wet baby. Using the Blooming Bath in the kitchen sink made for a very easy and enjoyable bath time for me and my kids. Now look forward to bath time with my babies — and that’s much appreciated by my wife.


You no longer have to lean, bend, sit or squat to bathe your child!


It works in our kitchen sink which is awesome because no other bath tub does.

Andrea Fellman, BabyCenter.com

I have seen a lot of cute things for babies. In fact, there just may be cute baby product overload. Then I happened to stumble across Blooming Bath and my jaw literally fell to my lap and my uterus immediately started throbbing!

The Baby Names.net Team

Blooming Bath is the cutest and most convenient way to shower your new born! We loved how easy it was to wash, clean and dry, and how comfortable it is for the baby to lie down. The material is super soft and cradled the baby well…it made us feel safe that there wouldn’t be any slipping during the bath. Another great benefit is that when the flower soaks with more and more water, it keeps the temperature warm all over the baby vs. cold plastic material bath alternatives :)